Profound Travel and Tours is a South African tourism company that provides packaged tours, sightseeing and travel related services throughout Southern Africa. We are dedicated to service excellence, providing undivided attention to our clients, meticulous attention to detail as well as uncompromising safety standards.


To promote tourism in South Africa and provide tourists from all corners of the globe diversified tour products and services.


To satisfy our customers’ requirements by providing quality services according to their demands.


We live it, you will love it.

Southern Africa and the world as a whole is truly beautiful, with many sights that are incredibly stunning and what better way to experience its beauty, than to visit the numerous attractions.

We pride ourselves in taking our guests off the beaten path. This means that, our choice of destinations for our clients are unique and match their individual tastes and preferences. We sell attractions that are less visited, but nonetheless, of high value and capture the spirit of Africa…from the trappiest missions, game viewing, adventure activities, visiting local communities, cultural villages and natural wonders.


We have a range of services including but not limited to-:

  • Car Rental Services
  • All accommodation bookings/reservations
  • Group tours and tailor-made tropical holidays.
  • Mountaineering, fun in the sand.
  • Eco-Tourism
  • Adventure tourism.
  • Nature expeditions and people’s cultural programmes
  • Airport transfers
  • Group tours and tailor-made safaris.
  • Airport reception.
  • Camping Safaris for budget travellers.
  • Conferencing
  • Educational tours
  • Religious tours
  • Food tours


We provide personalized tours to individuals, families or groups and strive to offer professional and personal attention to all our guests to make their holiday truly memorable and exciting. We can assist you tailor your tour itinerary to suit your taste, budget and style.

Our tours are always exclusive to the client, except where the client wishes to join a group tour. We will be pleased to prepare itineraries and price quotes according to an individual or group’s requirements.


The driver or guide will determine the success of your trip. With this in mind, we have a select team of well trained, experienced and knowledgeable drivers and guides to accompany you, with knowledge of famous travel attractions and destinations, fun activities as well as entertainment.

We always offer the client the opportunity to plan the trip along with us. All our tours give you exclusive use of the vehicle, driver and guide. We provide experienced Tour Guides to ensure your holiday/ journey is a rewarding experience.


Meetings and conferences require precise arrangements to ensure delegates focus on the event itself. We have a dedicated team of professionals with cutting edge skills and knowledge, capable of injecting fresh and innovative ideas in the design and planning of any event.

We ensure all logistics involved are streamlined and seamless, resulting in a successful and enriching experience for the participants.


Because we have the experience…we go off the beaten path…we are honest…we are innovative.

The best part is most of our past clients felt we exceeded their expectations. The most reliable source of information is someone who has had first-hand experience about something, they are better than any guidebook. Our past clients are a great and reliable source of information. Many have kept in touch with us, even after going back to their home countries and are willing to have their contacts given out to potential clients.


Discovering new sights and unique attractions is our greatest strength. Africa is a land of great diversity in its people, cultures, landscapes, fauna and flora. We continuously strive to identify new and untapped attractions because we believe that every part of this country has something unique and fascinating, and as our name suggests, that, can only be appreciated if you “Walk”.

If you are looking for adventure, discovery, or simply want to relax, Profound Travel and Tours invites you to take a walk with us and experience savannahs rich with big game, timeless cultures unchanged by the modern world, pristine beaches and coral reef, equatorial forests and mighty snow-capped mountains, to searing deserts and cool highland retreats.

Profound Travel and Tours…. We live you will love it!!